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MADE was founded by five enthusiastic professionals with a common interest: A design philosophy that places the end user at the innermost point of attention of the product development process, while keeping developing costs at the lowest possible level. We practice different methods to constantly identify activities that add value to our internal processes and activities that don’t. This allows MADE to work with lean structures (low operational costs) that turn into value for our clients.

One of MADE’s main strengths comes from the ample experience on the field of Mobility, including many different means of transportation: cars, trains, trucks, buses and boats. Also MADE holds advanced design expertise that stems from a wide spectrum of successful product design projects developed for, or in collaboration with, many international companies all over the world.

We have identified that value is necessary for many companies and industries in order to be competitive in the global economy nowadays. For that reason we base our business on the creation of value for our clients via the design of products and services.

Our cultural knowledge of Europe and the Americas gives us the advantage of creating products focused on specific needs and trends, plus the appropriate analysis and research on these markets empowers our design strategy.


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